Desktop Tray Launcher
The best way to access your desktop icons from tray menu!

Created by Michał Majewicz - Kraków 2010 - 2017
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Click for view screenshots! New version 1.61 for MS Windows
February 04, 2017

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The last news

February 04, 2017
+ The new version 1.61 of Dekstop Tray Launcher is available!
+ Now you can choose the mice button for showing desktop icons menu
+ Added direct access to your recycle bin from program menu (with disabling option)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is new options menu in Desktop Tray Launcher v. 1.2?

To show options menu, simply double click on program tray icon in taskbar.

When I try to run program, I see an error message, showed below. What's wrong?

It seems like you don't have installed the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. You can download and install it from here.

How I can start the program with the Windows starting?

If you have Desktop Tray Launcher v. 1.2 just double click an icon in tray menu and select "Start with Windows starting" option. Next, click OK button to save changes.
If you have an older version 1.1 it's also very simple - just create a shortcut to Desktop Tray Launcher EXE file in autostart directory in your Menu Start.

My firewall notifies me about outgoing TCP/IP connection from Desktop Tray Launcher. Is it a normal action?

Yes. If you turn on automatic checking for updates option, Desktop Tray Launcher 1.2 will try to connect with program server to checking for available updates. This operation is triggered after 3 minutes since you start program and it lasts literally 1 second. No private information will be collected about you or your computer.

I think, I have found a bug. What I should do?

Please contact me at and describe your observations in details. I will try to fix bug as soon as possible.